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Explanation of Admission Process

Firstly, we will outline the overall process of choosing and enrolling in a course at any institution, including living expense, course selection, how to apply for a course and what to do when you are made an offer by an institution – from acceptance and program payment through to applying for your student visa.

Course Counseling

Using a consultative approach to help you determine your study pathway, we will ask you about your professional interests and strengths as well as any other preferences you have which may affect your study. We will provide information including any application deadlines about courses relevant to your interests and preferences so that you can make an informed decision about which course(s) you will apply to.

Helping Students access Universities and School Abroad

On the basis of Student future aim, help the students to get enrol in the right University / School abroad.

  • Counselling students to pick the right institutions

Provide personal assistance to to select right institute that suit student personal, academic and financial profile.

  • Advising Students and parents about student loans

AUS Financial help department can assist in securing a loan and maximizing amount on the basis of eligibility.


Provide facility of ticket booking, seat/meal preference, advanced seat requests, finding economic airfares. And also assist you with Insurance coverage to ensure all eventualities are taken care of during your time abroad.


The Pre- Departures briefing explain the student how to settle in host country, include information about immigration clearance, meeting point at the airport, step need to take in case of emergency / problem, etc.

  • Application Assistance

We’ll help you prepare your course application and supporting documents (such as educational certificates or transcripts and proof of English language abilities) that will be verified by our education counsellors. Some institutions will also require an application fee at this point. If your application is successful you will receive a formal offer letter from the relevant institution. If you choose to accept your offer our counsellors will help you with any additional documentation that may be required, as well as how to pay your tuition fees to the institution. You will then be issued your confirmation of admission which you will need when you apply for your student visa.


AUS staff will assist you for part time jobs in host country.


AUS staff will assist your family to get visit/work/family visa to join you.

Other services at AUS

  • Student events and gatherings
  • Interview preparation
  • Recommendation strategies
  • Scholarship search strategy
  • Tuition payment planning
  • Student loans strategies