Terms and Conditions

AUS (UK) Traders are committed to provide best service to his customer. If you have any question or concern about the way we process your order, please contact us on (0) 741 1716 158.

We offer free delivery to UK mainland on most of our items, 14 day returns on all items. See our returns policy for full terms.

There should never be a reason to issue negative or neutral feedback as we aim to resolve all problems so please call us on (0) 741 1716 158, if you are unhappy with your purchase. We are always available to receive telephone enquiries or orders on (0) 741 1716 158 and pride ourselves on our ability to advise customers on both what is good to buy.

If you would like to change any delivery details please email us on aus@ausuk.co.uk as soon as possible.

Delivery normally takes 2-4 days maximum after payment is received and a next day delivery option is available for UK mainland.

Phone and card payment (0) 741 1716 158.