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Muhammad Akhter Shaikh
OISC Qualified Immigration Advisor

Qualification: MBA, MA Economics, PGD in Computer Software, PGD in BIT
ICEF Qualified Counsellor, OISC Qualified Immigration Advisor

  • July 2006: join Britannia College of Excellence as an Administrator, job responsibilities include: dealing with the clients, answering home office query, UKBA and communicating with the legal representatives in relation to student application and appeals.
  • October 2008: join Futures College as an Admin & Finance Manager, Job responsibilities include: Principal of the College, Level 1 user for UKBA, dealing directly with Legal Representatives and UKBA on college issues to sustain the college license. Make changes in the system for UKBA compliance, deal with the students in relation to their personal and Immigration issues to the limit permitted.
  • October 2012: join Midlands International College as a Marketing & Development Manager, to create new opportunities for the college.
  • Attend Seminars on Point Based System and meetings with UKBA representatives.
  • February 2014 successfully pass the exam of ICEF and become ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor.

Based on qualification and experience at dealing with legal firms, UKBA, Level 1 user for International Students and Student from the Local communities, attending seminars on Point Based Systemand currently HJT Training course on OISC Level 1 Advisor will help to deal AUS (UK) Immigration’s client in best manner.

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