Management systems

Management is the key to success of any organization. The AUS (UK) Immigrations Management team consists of individual(s) who have vast experience in managing organizations like colleges and universities, financial organizations, dealing with different communities as well as have specific knowledge and skills in their own subjects. The strength of the team stems from the following factors:

Knowledge and Experience

In addition to theoretical and practical knowledge, member of team(s) have a history of management, dealing with different situation / Matters including immigration / legal.

Team Spirit

The team was born on professional, friendship and mutual respects which are not only strong bases for teamwork but also provide strong ethics of teamwork manifest in an open and cooperative style.


Each member of the team is ready to sacrifice more certain opportunities in order to implement and complete this project. .


All members are tightly attached with each other through a strong link of organizational hierarchy, a key for communication flow. All members have their specified role and duties which provide opportunities to be efficient.

The Team

The role of each team member is in the line with his/her qualifications and interests that boost the feasibility of our project. The organization believe on continuous development of their staff by providing them facilities for training of different courses, attending seminars, in house training and induction of each new staff.

Table-1 Role of each member of the Management Team

1.Muhammad Akhter Shaikh                  Director / OISC Qualified Advisor

2.A Abida                                                     Secretary

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